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Vol 1, Issue 1

MalcolmLowell comes to town on the trail of SisterMarySebastian, and starts harassing her. She can't find a job in town, and gets kicked out by SheriffSilver. She heads to the church on the outskirts of town, to see if the local priest can provide her with charity.

Frances meets up with a sleazebag named Rob, who has come into town as part of Clair's posse, to hunt down OrvilleSilver. Rob convinces him that that FatherRobert has a horde of cash left over from his last job, so they head to the church.

Reporter JenniferWhite is looking for a new location to set up her printing press, given how the Sheriff and Mayor burned down the last one. The church sounds good.

Everyone meets at the church. FatherRobert claims there is no money. Rob is unconvinced. Things go south, Paula is grabbed hostage, and the angry deals with the situation. Rob then insists on dueling FatherRobert. Rob is shot by Orville, but not before riddling the poor Padre with bullets. Rob runs off into the night.

Vol 1, Issue 2

Clair comes out to the church, looking for OrvilleSilver, whom she finds hiding in the printing press shack. FatherRobert is eventually able to talk here out of killing him then and there, instead demanding compensation for the death of her husband, she wants either a whole lot of money, for Orville to become a wanted outlaw with them, or for her gang to be cut in on the crooked business of running the town.

BasilWest is kidnapped by his own father and locked in the basement, to keep him away from that cheap floozy JenniferWhite.

SisterMarySebastian gets harassed some more by MalcolmLowell, and she goes to the hotel to keep an eye on the children, whom Malcolm is trying to steal with a crooked court order.

Frances sneaks back into Sue's house, and she's both mighty sore at him and concerned about his well-being.

Vol 1, Issue 3

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